See (Understand) the Structure (Formation) of  Energy (Power)

                                             See (Understand) the Structure (Formation) of  Energy (Power)


Who we are...

Currently, Good Intel Media is entirely focused on creating a dialogue for issues that are considered important to society, regardless of their prevalence in the "Main Stream Media". Instead of letting them determine what we should talk about, we will decide for ourselves.

This means that even if an issue occurred a few decades ago, it still may have an impact on current affairs, and therefore needs to be brought to light again. This also means that some topics will be difficult to take in at first, in which case it is your personal responsibility (in the age of information) to seek reputable evidence and avoid confirmation bias.

To start this we must build a network of people who primarily have a desire to alleviate some of the worlds problems by promoting an informed populace equipped with good intel to strengthen and protect themselves and their people, and secondarily have no fear of their perspectives being changed. The people of the world need their egos checked, and dogma erased.