The single greatest threat to American democracy

This video quickly summarizes why you have no voice in this country. 

For the last few decades only people with high levels of dispensable income have been able to make a difference in public policy. This means that no matter how much march or protest, unless you own a business that earns an annual net worth of $1 million+, you are not going to have a substantial impact. Considering that the mainstream media is bought by the same corporations that work together with banksters to continue this charade, the mass media will not help you spread your message. The only thing you could get close with is social media, but those have proven to be riddled with biased perspectives, advertising pressure, and obligations to the state. This was actually one of the reasons Good Intel Media was founded. Due to many circumstances created in part by legal bribery in our corrupt system, the mass media only discusses topics deemed acceptable by their donors, and since those donors mostly flow back to funding by banking institutions, discussing issues like the Federal Reserve and money in politics is muzzled.

The year after Obama was elected, lobbying money was at a record high of $3.5 billion. Keeping that in mind, we can easily deduce that corporations are more interested in spending their profits on influencing more profits, rather than creating beneficial products that improve lives. This is why many people have disdain for capitalism. Instead of being in business because they provide value and improve lives, they are in business because of consolidation and political influence. Moral capitalism is based around the idea that products should be designed and sold to alleviate a problem or impediment of the consumers. By looking at the pharmaceutical companies we can see that while they provide potentially life saving medicine, they also patent and monopolize production and set the price above market equilibrium. They do this because of the high elasticity of demand for products like an EpiPen which cannot legally be reproduced and sold cheaper. 

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