Back in 1980 the US government spent millions of dollars to provide militant jihadist textbooks to Middle Eastern children in order to spur an uprising against the Soviets. (Even though its illegal to use tax payer money for religious anything. But its the CIA so they do what they want.) They contain images of heroic jihadists holding rifles, using mines, and fighting the oppressors along with text from the Koran to support their faith. Flash forward 35 years and these kids are all grown up with kids of their own (8 children on average) and now we have ISIS, the Taliban, Al- Qaeda, you name it.

Its a lot harder to stop something than it is to start something, so after the Soviets pulled out, and Saddam threatening our cost of oil, we invaded under the title "Operation Iraqi Liberation" (Which was later changed to "Operation Iraqi Freedom" because of the unfortunate acronym: OIL). But after he was removed from power we needed another reason to stay or else we would have to leave...

This whole idea of terrorism is fantastic for companies like the Carlyle Group, (tied to the Bush Family of course) who invest in the manufacturing of weapons, because the war never ends! You just invade a land that is ideologically different from your own, bomb the hell out of it, and when they start fighting back using the same textbooks and weapons that we provided in the first place, we have an enemy that can never be defeated, and an endless reason to control the region with military force! PLUS! The American people get any and all information from the filtered and biased mass media so they have never considered anything outside of the presented narrative.

Timeline of Afghanistan:
1978- The People's Democratic Party comes to power through Soviet influence but is paralyzed by violent infighting and faces opposition by US-backed Mujahideen (people taking part in jihad) groups.
1986 - US begins supplying Mujahideen with Stinger missiles, enabling them to shoot down Soviet helicopter gunships. Babrak Karmal replaced by Najibullah as head of Soviet-backed regime
1988 - Afghanistan, USSR, the US and Pakistan sign peace accords and Soviet Union begins pulling out troops.
1989 - Last Soviet troops leave, but civil war continues as Mujahideen push to overthrow Najibullah.
1992 - Najibullah's government toppled, but a devastating civil war follows.
1996 - The Taliban (Mujahideen's new name) seize control and introduce hard-line version of Islam, banning women from work, and introducing Islamic punishments, which include stoning to death and amputations.       2000- The Taliban ban poppy growing that supplies 90% of the world's opium.
2001 - The Taliban haven't been cooperating with the US, 9/11 terrorist attacks occur funded by Saudi nationals (our pals, we know they paid for it: Redacted pages of 9/11 commission report that are still considered top secret....). The US government blames religious fanatics it created in Afghanistan and invades.
2007 August - Opium production has soared to a record high, the UN reports.
2010 July - Whistle-blowing website Wikileaks publishes thousands of classified US military documents relating to Afghanistan proving the US killed hundreds of civilians, used troops to guard poppy fields, and used misleading public statements.

The pharmaceutical and military industry spend hundreds of millions of dollars lobbying to congress every year. They all profit from our citizens risking their lives in combat, our pain killer addiction at home, and our fear of someday having a bomb detonate in a crowded place.

Having someone to constantly fight and to fear is essential for this process to continue. Eisenhower warned about this very thing in his final state of the union speech. Companies who profit working with government, who enforce and tax, will never benefit the people. If that's the case, why are we allowing it?